O. Persons Excluded from the Congregation

“Certain persons are specifically excluded from the spiritual congregation, though they are apparently permitted to enjoy the covenant relationship and to observe the Sabbaths in personal worship.”

MUTILATED GENITALS   Deuteronomy 23:1


MOABITES AND AMMONITES   Deuteronomy 23:3-6

EDOMITES   Deuteronomy 23:7,8

P. The Nazirite Vow

“Just as there are individuals whom the congregation must set apart in a negative sense for the sake of maintaining purity, so there are those who have been set apart in a positive sense for work within the congregation.  The priests are set apart by heredity, and the prophets are chosen directly by God.  But there are also men and women who, for a given time, feel a special calling to be set apart or separated for particular devotion to God.  The Nazirite vow refers specifically to the fact of being set apart, and will be taken by at least three important historical figures in years to come.”


HAIR NOT TO BE CUT   Numbers 6:5

NO CONTACT WITH DEAD   Numbers 6:6-8


COMPLETION OF VOW   Numbers 6:13-21

Q. Vows of Dedication

“A person might voluntarily dedicate himself or his possessions for the Lord’s work as a means of helping to support the financial needs of the tabernacle.  This is done through an act of redemption by placing a value upon the person or thing dedicated and giving the value as a donation.”

VALUATION OF PERSONS   Leviticus 27:1-8

VALUATION OF ANIMALS   Leviticus 27:9-13

VALUATION OF HOUSES   Leviticus 27:14,15

VALUATION OF LAND   Leviticus 27:16-25

NO VOW OF FIRST THINGS   Leviticus 27:26,27

NO VOW OF DEVOTED THINGS   Leviticus 27:28,29

NO VOW OF TITHES   Leviticus 27:30-34

FULFILLING VOWS   Deuteronomy 23:21-23


R. Laws of Separation

“In all things the Israelites are to be holy, pure, and set apart from the people and practices of the nations around them.  To emphasize the idea of separateness, the Israelites are forbidden certain mixtures.”

PEOPLE TO BE HOLY   Leviticus 19:1,2

MIXTURE OF SEED   Leviticus 19:19b/Deuteronomy 22:9

MIXTURE IN PLOWING   Deuteronomy 22:10

MIXTURE OF MATERIAL   Leviticus 19:19c/Deuteronomy 22:11

MIXTURE IN BREEDING   Leviticus 19:19a

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.