From Kadesh to Moab

“The account of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness as recorded in the book of Numbers skips over virtually all of the 40 years except for the foregoing account of the people’s rebellion and the final year to come.  Miriam will die, and her brothers, Moses and Aaron, will so displease God that they too will be denied entrance into the promised land.  Apparently their sin involves not simply failure to follow God’s specific directions, but manifestations of pride and self-importance which minimize God’s power.

As Israel begins their march to Canaan, the Edomites refuse a request for safe passage through their territory.  This is the first of many conflicts which will fulfill the prophecy of antagonism between the descendants of Jacob (Israel) and Esau (Edom).”

Read Numbers chapters 20 and 21

Moses’ Journal of Israel’s Trek

“The book of Numbers gives a retrospective overview of the places where Israel has camped during the previous 40 years.  At God’s direction, Moses has been keeping a detailed journal of the exodus from Egypt. The following passages come from that journal.”

Read Numbers 33:1-49

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.