Moses Rebuked by Miriam

“While the Israelites are encamped at Hazeroth, it appears that Moses has married a Cushite woman.  Moses’ sister, Miriam, has become an influential prophetess among the Israelites, is clearly upset by Moses’ choice of a spouse.  Her reasons are not stated and do not appear to be of any particular religious significance, but her opposition to Moses draws God’s judgment nevertheless.”

Read Numbers 12:1-16

The People Lack Courage

“Spies are sent out to determine the strength of the Canaanites where they find impressive armies and fortifications.  Ten of the twelve spies bring back a dismal report, and the Israelites become discouraged.

When two of the spies encourage them to put their faith in God, the people become vocally antagonistic.  For their disbelief, the judgment of God is that none of the fearful Israelites will enter into the promised land, and that the nation of Israel will wander in the wilderness for 40 years, letting death take its natural toll.”

Read Numbers 13, 14

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.