A Nation Under Law

“During the next four decades God will give to Moses scores of laws.  In an effort to avoid unnecessary duplication, and in order to get a more understandable overview of the laws of Israel, all of the various laws will be brought together in one compendium at a later point in this volume.  Therefore the book of Leviticus, which takes up where the Exodus record leaves off, will be left largely to later inclusion.”

First Passover After Egypt

“The Israelites observe their first Passover celebration since the actual passover of death a year earlier in Egypt.  Here they learn that, along with the strictness in his laws, God has provided measures of grace as well.”

Read Numbers 9:1-12

Numbering of the Israelites

“In preparation for the taking of the promised land, God orders a numbering of the people of Israel — at least those of fighting age, 20 years old or older.  The numbering is a national registration from which the Jewish people in centuries to come will trace their ancestry.  In addition to the numbering, the tribes are also assigned areas of encampment and given their order of march.

It is clear that the nation will be strong in battle only as long as it is religiously dedicated to the service of God, so the numbering of the Levites will be done separately from the other tribes.”

Read Numbers chapters 1 and 2

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.