The Levites Chosen for Service

“God selects the single tribe of Levi to assist Aaron in the priesthood and tabernacle service.  No reason is given explicitly as to why the Levites are chosen, but it could well be because they are the smallest of the tribes, and thus easily supported with the offerings available; or possibly because they had already demonstrated their allegiance to God in taking punitive action against those who had worshiped the golden calf; or simply because they are the one with Moses and Aaron as descendants of Levi.”

Read Numbers 3:1-13 and Numbers 8:5-26

Offerings from the Tribes

“The book of Numbers also records the many offerings which are brought by the leaders of each tribe as part of the dedication of the tabernacle and the altar.”

Read Numbers chapter 7 and Numbers 8:1-4

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.