Read Exodus chapters 29, 30, 31

“The remarkable detailed instructions indicate how strongly God feels about the purity of his people, and makes a strong statement about how specifically God is involved in their lives and what great expectations he has for precise obedience to whatever commands he gives.

But the tabernacle is more than just a temporary place for the Israelites to worship God: it foreshadows a more permanent temple to be built in future years, and later a spiritual temple to be known as the church. 

The atonement cover above the ark suggests the grace which will be given to cover all law.

The blood of the animal sacrifice looks forward to a future time when the Messiah will be slain as the Lamb of God.

The veil which separates man from God will one day be torn apart by this spiritual High Priest who will enter that Most Holy Place — heaven itself — and there atone for the sins of all mankind.

And all who believe in God and obey the laws of his covenant will become as priests, wearing the priestly garments of righteous character and offering up their very lives to God’s service.”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.