Could you do it?

Did you get all ten?

As I went through today’s Bible reading (day 28), I couldn’t help but think that I know a lot of people including myself that when asked to list the 10 commandments, sounds of crickets could be heard.


Oh, I could ramble off a few “thou shalt not’s”… but certainly couldn’t come up with all ten.  (Kind of like listing the 12 tribes of Israel.  Nope, couldn’t do that either.)

BUT, several years ago when I was teaching a group of kids in Awana, I was introduced to two different groups of amazing Christ followers who helped me out immensely:

The Go Fish Guys and The Way of the Master.

The Go Fish guys have a fantastic song called The Ten Commandment Boogie that I used to help teach the kids God’s laws through music and fun…



and The Way of the Master has a great way of teaching the ten commandments simply, so they can be easily remembered…




Now to look for a song for the tribes of Israel…

Oh boy… ‘seek and ye shall find’ right?!  click here