Read Exodus 13:17-22, Exodus chapter 14 and 15:1-21

The Daily Bible doesn’t provide commentary for today’s reading, but I wanted to share some things I’ve learned about a few of the miracles seen through the Exodus…

First of course is the parting of the Red Sea.

stop it

That would’ve been AWESOME!!  But what more can be said about it, you say?  Did you know that it took all night for the sea to be divided?  It’s not like so many movies portray…

Moses sticks his staff in the water and the sea immediately separates.


As Moses stretched his hand over the sea, God sent a strong wind to separate the water and no it wasn’t instantaneous.  Poor Moses’ arms had to hurt because it took aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall niiiiiiiiiiiiiight loooooooooooooong! (Exodus 14:21)

But one, of the many, interesting things is that the wind God sent came from the East.  The opposite side from where the Israelites stood, in Egypt…

red sea map


The Exodus account also notes that there were 600,000 men (Exodus 12:37) that traveled out of Egypt.  That number only counts the men, not the women and children who traveled with those men…or even the flocks, herds and livestock they brought along.  So wrap your mind around that!!  Easily over a million people traveled out of Egypt together, including the same number of animals…

I have a hard enough time herding my family of six and keeping us all together at the grocery store, so this feat?  Miraculous.

But the thing that always floors me is the fact that these multitudes of people traveled through the parted Red Sea on dry ground.


You’ve walked on the bottom of a lake at some point in your life I’m sure.  The muck that squishes between your toes is just gross; slimy, cold, squishy, sticky and having been submerged in a body of water indefinitely means that wetness goes down… deep.

There is no way the land the Israelites crossed over, after the water just receded, would have been completely dry…


except, of course, it was God that made it so.

And finally.  God threw the Egyptian army into a state of confusion and jammed the wheels of their chariots thus allowing the Israelites to clear out of the Red Sea.  Which means when the waters flowed back over, it would have covered both the Egyptian army and it’s chariots…

chariot wheel encrusted




Oh, don’t you just love this stuff?!!  🙂

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