Plagues on the Egyptians

“The struggle between God and Pharaoh demonstrates how all men and women tend to struggle with God.  Pharaoh will first reject God altogether, then respond to the initial demonstrations of God’s power by believing in the artificial manifestations of power which human trickery can devise.  When even the tricks of his magicians cannot duplicate the plagues brought against his people and property, Pharaoh will try to avoid God through procrastination, compromise, and insincere repentance.  With each attempt at resisting God, Pharaoh’s heart gets harder, until he is unmoved by even the threat of death to his people.

As the confrontation begins, Pharaoh’s tough response and vindictive actions against the Israelites cause them to question Moses’ leadership.”

Read Exodus 5, 6:1-13, 28-30, Exodus chapters 7, 8

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible