Joseph’s Early Years

“The Genesis record focuses upon Jacob and his descendants, for it is through the descendants of Jacob (now called Israel) that the promised blessings are to come.  Israel’s special fondness for Joseph, and perhaps Joseph’s own attitude, lead to envy and hatred by Joseph’s brothers.  Their behavior toward Joseph and toward their own father is hardly worthy of the important positions they will later occupy as the heads of the tribes which together form the nation of God’s people.”

Read Genesis 37

Judah and Tamar

“A story unfolds in Canaan involving Judah, one of Israel’s sons by Leah.  It concerns the ancient custom of estates in which the brother of a deceased man having no children marries the brother’s wife so that the brother’s lineage, and property as well, may continue through a proper line of succession.  Disgrace comes when Onan prevents any offspring from being born.  There follows a rather curious story of Tamar, who resolves to bear a child by Judah himself.

The most important aspect of this seemingly insignificant story will come to light only after many centuries have passed.  At that time it will become evident that a descendant of Judah (through Perez) will become God’s messenger to all mankind — the Messiah.”

Read Genesis 38

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible