Jacob leaves Laban

“If there is one lapse in moral character which besets early man — including God’s special people — it is dishonesty and trickery.  Fearful that Laban might not let him leave, Jacob secretly steals away with his family and flocks.  In all the dealings between Jacob and Laban, there is a reminder that God can work his will even through men and women who share in the frailties of moral character.”

Read Genesis 31

Jacob Returns to Canaan

“Apprehensive about the threat under which he has left Canaan, Jacob makes careful preparation in anticipation of encountering Esau.  While he waits in uncertainty, Jacob is found rather mysteriously wrestling with God.  Why Jacob is wrestling is not given in this account, but this physical struggle is not unlike the spiritual struggle of a person facing potential conflict or perhaps death.”

Read Genesis 32 & Genesis 33:1-20

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible