Jacob Marries and Has Children

“As he returns to his mother’s country, Jacob meets his uncle Laban and agrees to work for Laban in exchange for his daughter Rachel.  But Laban deceives Jacob, giving him his older daughter, Leah, instead of Rachel.  Ultimately Jacob gets both Rachel and Leah, but as might be expected, rivalry emerges between the two sisters, and childbearing quickly becomes the focus of their rivalry.”

Read Genesis 29 and Genesis 30:1-24

Laban and Jacob Outsmart Each Other

“When Jacob decides to return to Canaan, he agrees with Laban as to appropriate wages for his many years of service, Laban once again deceives Jacob.  Not to be outdone, Jacob devises a scheme of his own to increase the flocks which are rightfully his by their agreement.”

Read Genesis 30:25-43

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible