Trouble Between Jacob and Esau

“In several respects the differences and difficulties between Jacob and Esau are not unlike those between Cain and Abel.  Like their predecessors, Jacob and Esau are of different occupations, temperament, and moral character.  With the birthright already his, Jacob would have received the greater part of Isaac’s inheritance in any event, but despite this fact, he consents to perpetrate a fraud.  A long period of exile in future years may well be the consequent penalty for this sin against his father.”

Read Genesis 26:34-27:41

Jacob Leaves for Harran

“Isaac seems to have reconciled himself to the fact that it is Jacob through whom God’s promises to Abraham will be fulfilled, so he sends Jacob away with his blessing. 

As he begins his journey, Jacob has a dream in which God reaffirms that it will indeed be Jacob through whose descendants the promises given to Abraham will be fulfilled.  At the place where his dream occurs, Jacob makes a vow which at first appears to be a bargain with God, but which is actually a customary manner of expressing thanksgiving.”

Read Genesis 27:42-28:22

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible