Abraham’s Ultimate Test of Faith

“Like many men and women of great faith who must face difficult trials, Abraham is about to face the severest test of all — and it will be Isaac’s life which is on the line.  Is it possible that, since Isaac’s birth, Abraham’s confidence now rests in Isaac rather than in God’s promises?  God poses the challenge by calling upon Abraham to offer up Isaac as a sacrifice!”

Read Genesis 22:1-19

News Regarding Nahor’s Family

“Abraham receives word regarding his brother Nahor.  The historical significance of Nahor’s family record is found in Nahor’s youngest son, Bethuel, and more importantly in Bethuel’s daughter, Rebekah.”

Read Genesis 22:20-24

Sarah’s Death and Burial

“Sarah, who has the distinction of being the only woman in all of Scripture whose age is mentioned, has reached 127.  That Scripture would pause to take note of Abraham’s mourning over the loss of his beloved companion is a touching memorial to this woman of faith.

The significance of the transaction between Abraham and Ephron, may be further evidence of Abraham’s faith that God will one day give this land to Abraham’s descendants.  It is as if Abraham wants to guarantee that, even in death, he and Sarah will be a part of this promised land.”

Read Genesis 23

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible