First Three Sons of Adam and Eve

“In a continuing succession of beginnings, the Genesis account records the beginning of the first family. 

Still another ‘first’ is the Genesis record of mankind’s earliest formal worship of God by offering sacrifices from the fruits of their individual labors.  Although the text is silent as to what prompts God’s response, it is evident that God is not pleased with Cain’s offering.  Cain’s pride is dashed and his anger toward Abel is so great that in an act of premeditated murder Cain kills Abel.

Although God punishes Cain for his wrongdoing, the text gives some interesting insight into the character of God by indicating that, despite Cain’s great sin, God nevertheless shows mercy to him.”

Read Genesis 4

Descendants from Adam to Noah

“What follows is a simple chronology of ten generations from Adam through Seth to Noah.  Yet this brief family record is full of surprises.  The men who are named each life for hundreds of years and have children when they are from 65 to 500 years old!  A number of possible purposes immediately present themselves, including the need to quickly populate the earth and the need to promulgate basic moral principles throughout the beginnings of mankind.

Still another surprise is that one of Adam’s descendants, Enoch, does not die –ever!  What is even more noteworthy than one’s being translated out of this life without experiencing death is the exciting suggestion that mankind is immortal — that there is actually life beyond death!”

Read Genesis 5

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible