The past few nights I have woken up early; precisely 2:45am…the witching hour.

Ok, so the witching hour is typically thought of as midnight and when bad things happen…

the term witching hour refers to the time of day when supernatural creatures such as witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful and black magic to be most effective.   -Wikipedia

But I do think God works in all things and at all hours.  So when I woke again this morning at 2:45am; the time of day when “supernatural beings are most powerful,” I figured God must have something to say.  So I got up.

I have been lost in a fog for many months now, questioning God and His plan for me as a wife, as a mother, my weight, my job, my writing…oh you name it, I’ve questioned.  And if you read my post from yesterday, pridefully titled What’s the point?, you might have noticed that I am expecting an answer.

In Job chapter 38 and 39, God is done allowing Job and his friends to answer for Him.  He’s done with Job’s questions and with Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar and Elihu’s assumptions.  In one return question God finally gives Job (as well as this prideful mother of four) what he has been longing for…

An answer.

“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? …”   Job 38:4

God is the One in control.  Over all things…

The sea

“who enclosed the sea with doors… And I placed boundaries on it And set a bolt and doors… And here shall your proud waves stop’?   Job 38:8, 10-11

The morning

“Have you ever in your life commanded the morning, And caused the dawn to know its place,”   Job 38:12

The stars

“Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, Or loose the cords of Orion?”   Job 38:31

The rain

“Who has cleft a channel for the flood, Or a way for the thunderbolt, Has the rain a father? Or who has begotten the drops of dew?”   Job 38:25, 28

The animals

“Can you hunt the prey for the lion, Or satisfy the appetite of the young lions”   Job 38:39

“Do you know the time the mountain goats give birth?… Is it by your understanding that the hawk soars…”   Job 39:1, 26

And in Job’s response I see myself…

“Behold, I am insignificant; what can I reply to You? I lay my hand on my mouth. Once I have spoken, and I will not answer; Even twice, and I will add nothing more.”   Job 40:4-5


God woke me because He wanted to ask me something.

Who Am I? to think I deserve an answer… better yet, Who Am I? to question God.