In chapter 32, Job’s friends have had it with him.  He’s not listening, so they cross their arms and turn their backs in a ridiculous pout.

[cue: silent observer Elihu]

Would love to know who the dude is covering his face…Job? Then who’s the guy next to him?!

Who is this Elihu? Where does he come from? Has he been there the whole time, quietly watching the shenanigans between Job, Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar?

So it seems.

I have heard it said that perhaps Elihu is the writer of Job.  Many believe that Moses, Isaiah or Job himself wrote this book, but it seems very plausible that it could be Elihu.  He is never mentioned in the beginning of the book or any time during the conversations between Job and the other three friends, which leads me to believe that he is part of the media…forced to write with an unbiased opinion, just the facts… but things go too far; he can no longer sit idly by so he throws down his iron pen, lead and stone and speaks up.

It urks Elihu that Job, not God, declares he is blameless [Job 32:2] and that the three friends didn’t really have an answer but still condemn Job [Job 32:3].

I am extremely impressed with this quiet friend, although I do have an issue with his view of the age of Job and his friends.  I imagined them, in my mind, to be more mature but certainly not “old”; Job had several grown children by this time so he and his friends were quite possibly (according to our average life span) in their 50’s or 60’s but this punk Elihu, although he had been holding his tongue out of respect,

“Now Elihu had waited to speak to Job because they were years older than he.”   Job 32:4

begins his speech like a typical teenager…

“So Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite spoke out and said, “I am young in years and you are old…”   Job 32:6

I can only imagine his Dad slinking out of the room at this point…

But I love Elihu’s heart and knowledge of God and I love that even in the Old Testament, without Christ having lived and died yet, believers are led by the Spirit…

“But it is a spirit in man, And the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding.”   Job 32:8

and Elihu is going to burst if he doesn’t say something.

“I too will answer my share, I also will tell my opinion. For I am full of words; The spirit within me constrains me. Behold, my belly is like unvented wine, Like new wineskins it is about to burst. Let me speak that I may get relief; Let me open my lips and answer.”   Job 32:17-20

This is exactly how it feels to be moved by the Spirit.  He won’t let you sit still and continues to bug, aggravate and grate on you until you are forced to say something.  It’s an interesting and uncomfortable feeling.

The position I used to hold at work allowed me to work closely with the girls at other clinics and offices.  I became fast friends with one gal especially and when I sent a notice out about my change in hours, she asked “Why the change?”

I shared with her my “story” of returning to full-time work when Jax lost his job and now being able to significantly reduce my hours because Jax is employed again.

She responded with “Isn’t it cool how it all works out?” and all I could hear was the Spirit’s leading to give God the glory.

I didn’t.  I only responded in agreement.

Almost instantly I received another email saying how neat it was that everything just always seems to “work out,” and again I heard… “Give God the glory.”

But what seemed to be stronger was the voice convincing me; “She won’t understand.”

I said nothing.

Later that evening while talking with my then nine year old, Sydney, I asked her how she lives for God at school and she broke down in tears.  Her response?  “It’s so hard!!  I’m scared about what other people will think!  I don’t know what to say!”

Doesn’t that sound familiar??

Praise God that He fills us with His Spirit and moves us at times to speak up…it’s up to us to obey.

“… Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”   Psalm 143:10

“You gave Your good Spirit to instruct them…”   Nehemiah 9:20

Lord, forgive me for not acting on Your Spirit’s prompting.  I praise you for not letting me be okay with missing that opportunity.  Please help me continue to feel Your leading and responding to it well.

“It matters not if the world has heard
or approves or understands…
the only applause we’re meant to seek
is that of nail-scarred hands.”
-B.J. Hoff

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