Sydney got braces yesterday…and she wants you to know that they hurt.

A lot.

She’s ten years old and doesn’t have all her adult teeth in yet, so she has what the orthodontist calls “2×4’s”; braces on the front four teeth then bands on her back two molars for the orthodontic headgear.


I had to wear headgear when I went through those crazy-snaggle-tooth-ugly-middle-school years so as I watched them place the bands on her teeth and then eventually how to put the headgear on, oh it brought back memories.

YIKES! …but check out the Atari!! Mmmm-hmm, word.

Yup.  My teeth hurt just watching it!

After we left the orthodontist, I had Syd practice putting the headgear on.  She was struggling greatly with getting the tips placed into the tubes correctly and she became more and more frustrated.  She tried over and over and over again with zero success.

Her muscles stiffened, her grasp became more forceful and her eyes squinted as she tried desperately to make it work.  My stomach twisted in knots just willing her to get it, to no avail.  My heart broke for her knowing that she had to get this, she had to figure it out.

Syd was on the verge of tears when I finally told her to stop.  “Say a quick prayer,” I said. “Ask God to guide your hands.  Ask Him to help you get it in and to calm your nerves.”

She immediately closed her eyes.  I was hoping she would pray aloud but as she leaned back, her face loosened.  Her shoulders fell, her arms relaxed and her hands gently cradled the headgear.  Her face was at peace and beautiful.

After several minutes, her eyes sprung open and she lifted the headgear, placed it into her mouth and slid it right into place.

“Hear, O LORD, and be gracious to me; O LORD, be my helper.”   Psalm 30:10

“And the LORD will continually guide you…”   Isaiah 58:11a

God is amazing.  He works so mightily in our lives and we don’t even recognize it.

If He will work through a little girl struggling with something so insignificant as an orthodontic device, how much more will He do in your life?

“For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.”   Psalm 48:14 (niv)

When the weight of this world knocks you down and you feel like you can’t go on, He will never leave your side.