My niece celebrated her fourth birthday a couple days ago, and my sister-in-law reposted a poem she wrote while she was pregnant with her.

I hope you are, like I was, blessed by her beautiful words and insight into the gift and true blessing children are.


“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.”   Psalm 127:3

Kicks and Flutters


Kick and flutter

Angel of mine

Precious reminders

of you inside


A tiny gift

But gift not small

I prayed you’d come

God heard my call


Such a treasure

God’s gift to me

Oh Little One

How can it be?


God looked down

And saw your place

In my arms

In my embrace


So kick and flutter

Little One

Keep reminding me

Of your life that’s begun


You’ll fit so well

Here in my arms

If the Lord wills it

It shall be done


In Your timing

Oh, Father, God

You’ve given us joy

in this Little One


Kicks and flutters

Sent from above

Kicks and flutters

Evidence of Love


by Amanda (Jackson) Carlson 12/31/07

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