We experienced a sudden I Spy today.  In fact, it was my husband that brought it to my attention by saying…”Well that was God!”  I didn’t even know what had happened!!

My husband tends to drive… um, how shall I say… ambitiously, and has been known to not necessarily portray one particular fruit of the spirit called patience very effectively while behind the wheel. He very much dislikes heavy traffic, has a specific distaste for driving in downtown Madison, and very much enjoys the horn.

In fact when our last minivan’s horn stopped working, I believe it drove him a tad crazy that he wasn’t able to use it anymore!

And people say there is no God…I beg to differ, that was DEFINITELY an I Spy God moment!!

Now in his defense…downtown Madison is wonderfully eccentric and absolutely beautiful, but it is also full of random one-way-streets laid out on a severely narrow and space challenged isthmus upon which the University of Wisconsin is built.  And, with this weekend being both student moving-out and UW graduation weekend, you can only imagine the amount of traffic pouring onto this constricted terrain.

Not a likely chance for the fruit of the spirit to make an appearance on our drive today.

However, while on our way to get our daughter from WYSO practice as my husband drove, we approached an intersection whose light had just turned green.  Normally my husband would have stepped back on the gas at that point, but for “some reason” he continued to coast.  He even said he wondered why he wasn’t pressing the gas… there wasn’t a car in front of us and there wasn’t a reason to slow down, but right as we were entering the intersection, a car to our left failed to stop at their now red light and flew through the intersection directly in front of us.

Had my husband stepped on the gas, like anyone in the same situation, we would have been hit… and hard.

“He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.”   Psalm 91:4