My 12 year old daughter, Sami and her father have started reading “The Hunger Games” together.  They both have told me how great these books are and have recommended that I read them as well, but I’m ok with not intriguing myself with children who have to maim and maul other children to survive.

It really puts a whole new spin on survival of the fittest!!

After they finished reading the first book, God worked it out so the Hunger Games movie was released that very weekend plus we had a gift certificate to the theater from Christmas to use, which is an I Spy God all in itself!!  A family of six going to a full priced movie theater needs to take out a loan to even walk in the door, so it is a real treat when we are all able to go to the movies together!!

And no, I didn’t go see Hunger Games.  Instead, Sam and her Dad went to Hunger Games, while I went to a movie more my style with our other three…

The Lorax.

Since seeing The Hunger Games movie, both Sam and her Dad have read the second book “Catching Fire,” and Sam has been bugging her Dad about wanting to read the third book, “Mocking Jay.”  She continually checks with the library, but because of their popularity the books are constantly checked out.  She is on a waiting list, but who knows how long it will take for the book to come in.

Sam noticed that the third book was available for purchase, and even on sale on her Kindle, so she asked her Dad if she could get it.  He questioned her a little bit about it, but he didn’t actually say “no,” and he didn’t give her the “ok” to purchase it either.

As a parent, I’m sure you know the feeling when you’re not sure if you have the money to get something your child really wants, but you would like to find a way to get it for them if possible.  I’m guessing that was the basis of the lack of answer from her Dad.  But Sam graciously put her Kindle away, got ready for school, and mentally prepared for her next how-to-convince-Dad-I-need-this-book encounter.

“O Lord, all my longing is before you; my sighing is not hidden from you.”   Psalm 38:9

That very day, while Sam was at school and standing at her locker, a girl in her class approached her and handed her the book.  Apparently God’s waiting list is shorter than the library’s.

Isn’t that just how God works??!!  He gave Sam a reminder that He is always watching and wants to provide for even our smallest desires.  Praise Him!!

“who does great things and unsearchable, marvelous things without number”   Job 5:9